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> Intexter -, Intexter -
сообщение 2.3.2020, 18:19
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Хайп Мониторинг
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I'm not admin!

New project: Intexter -

Who We Are?

About Intexter

Intexter was founded in 2006 by a group of traders as a closed community of investors.

At that time the company did not have any logo, website and did not advertise its activities.

We invited only private investors who wanted to develop the field of AI and cryptocurrencies.

The first team of the company noticed the fact that by creating a robot based on artificial intelligence for a deeper analysis of the market and its changes on the basis of statistically predictable factors, it is possible to predict risks and invest funds only into profitable projects. Five years later, the team of our company totaled several dozen people and included not only traders, but also programmers and IT specialists.

By 2012, we have completed the beta testing of our smart robot. It proved to be capable of finding the best trading deals in the stock and cryptocurrency markets. Thanks to the favorable investment climate in many developed countries, we were able to find dozens of successful start-ups and invested funds of our investors into them.

Today, these worldwide known companies and their activities continue to pay dividends to our investors.

Added VIP listing at : Mar 2nd, 2020




Minimal Spend: 10$
Maximal Spend: No limit

-We accept: Payeer / Bitcoin

-Referral commission: Up to 15%
-Instant Withdraw

Link to view and register ==>>>

We will support here later!
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